Frequently Asked Questions


I believe that seeking guidance from a Coach will enhance your life and create extraordinary results in the process!  However, you need to be motivated and ready to make the changes you desire.

Please answer the following questions honestly:

  1. Is your life more run by things you have to do, as opposed to things you choose to do?
  2. Do you have a difficult time balancing your career, family, friends, etc…?
  3. Do you often know what you should be doing, but have a hard time doing it?
  4. Would you benefit from having clear goals that reflect what is truly inside of you?
  5. Do you ever get a sense that you are not living the life you were meant to live and that there is much more to life than you are now experiencing?
  6. Would you benefit from establishing great habits that move you forward in all parts of your life?
  7. Is there less meaning in your life, career, relationships, or business than you would like?

If you answered YES to many of the above questions, I think Life and Health Coaching would be a great step in creating the life you want and deserve!

If you are curious about coaching and would like to set up a free trial session please contact me. You can experience first hand how coaching may impact your life and set you in a new positive direction!


My clients are highly motivated, highly functioning individuals who choose to work 
with a coach to make more progress towards their goals and dreams.

The clients:

  1. Are responsible for their own feelings, decisions and actions
  2. Realize they are responsible for their own success
  3. Are 100% Honest with coach
  4. Do their own work
  5. Pay their coaching fees on time
  6. Show up energetically and prepared for sessions.


  • Professional partnership between two people that can create extraordinary results in lives
  • Meet once a week via the phone to discuss current goals and create action plan for next week
  • Coaching is for individuals that need support, motivation, a clear sounding board, insight and tools to create forward momentum

Coaching works the best when the client has clear goals and a vision; has a willingness to grow and change through the process; comes prepared every week and most importantly does the “homework” discussed every week.

Working with a coach will do the following:

  1. Help you create realistic and approachable goals
  2. Help create a balanced life filled with purpose
  3. Help you become more focused
  4. Support you in pushing your comfort zone to create growth and opportunities
  5. Get rid of depleting energy and replace it with things that give you energy


Tiger Woods understands the value that comes from having someone work directly with him, someone to continue to encourage him and challenge him to be his best.  That’s WHO I AM FOR YOU.  Coaching is like having a personal trainer for your life!

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