Addiction Comes in Many Forms

The topic of addiction is not one I would normally write about, however a subscriber of Monday Tips asked if I would dive into it. Before I even begin however, if addiction is something that you struggle with, therapy is by far the direction to go. You need trained professionals to steer you and guide you in the right direction. Addiction comes in many forms, and I am going to focus on the lighter version. Maybe you feel addicted to TV, maybe it’s the time you spend on the internet, possibly it’s shopping or spending money. Whatever you choose, it’s a form of escape. You might need a break from “life” and decide to dive into another activity. Maybe TV allows you to forget what is going on in your own life, even if it’s only temporary. And believe me, I have succombed to that several times myself. Shopping may fill a void and give you an immediate rush. Whatever you choose, it is important to realize a couple of things. First, there is always help and support when and if you need it. And most importantly, the addiction is keeping you from truly engaging in and enjoying what life has to offer. This week take whatever steps you feel comfortable with in overcoming the mindless activities you are pursuing. Begin by admitting that you are wasting valuable time and energy, and then begin plugging in activities that enrich not deplete your life.

ACTION STEPS FOR THE WEEK:< 1. What soothes you?< Look at your own life and jot down what activities you turn to when feeling stressed out. Is it TV? Is it spending money? Is it surfing the internet? Spending bits and pieces of time doing this activity is completely ok, but do you feel like you are spending more time than necessary? Do you rely on this activity to make yourself feel better? Again, you are answering this question for yourself and yourself only. You determine if you need to break the cycle. 2. What are you running from?
What specifically are you avoiding? Are you avoiding the bills hoping they will magically disappear? Are you avoiding having to face your feelings of fear or helplessness? You need to pinpoint this first before moving forward. You need to determine what you are avoiding in order to break through the barrier and take the next step. Jot down what comes to mind.

3. Extreme self care
Instead of spending time engaged in activities that are not enriching your life, take some time for you. This is crucial and I can’t say it enough. What brings you joy? Spend some time this week taking care of yourself, both physically and emotionally. Take a hot bath. Read a great novel. Call a friend for coffee. Get a massage. Sign up for a cardio class. Do something that enriches you!

If you would like some help getting past the blocks, and need some accountability and fresh perspective,contact me for a FREE coaching session.

Good Luck!

Have a great week!