Be Selfish for Once

Most of you know by now that I have signed up to participate in a triathalon this August.
Because of this I have been spending quite a bit of time and energy riding my bike and swimming at the pool. My bike rides have included towing my 7 year old and 4 year old behind me in the trailer; they enjoy the peaceful ride as I am trying to focus on breathing. All of the exercises, which I may add is not in my usual routine, have added a bit of tightness and soreness in my muscles. I have learned over the years the importance of listening to my body when it needs some R&R. Instead of living with the discomfort for the next couple of months, I decided to get a massage. I am a firm believer in massage already, but the last one I received was much more gratifying because of everything I’ve been putting my body through. Most people need a constant reminder to act selfishly every now and then. Putting yourself first and taking extremely good care of yourself will only attract more of that energy into your life. Women especially have a hard time with the guilt factor. For some reason they don’t feel as worthy when it comes to creating sacred time for themselves. Remember acting selfishly does not need to cost a lot of money or take a lot of your time. Take a picnic to a park. Plant some beautiful flowers at your home. Stargaze with your significant other. Run yourself a luxurious bath. Taking care of yourself regularly will not only will keep your spirits up, but you will feel rejuvinated and energized to enjoy your life more fully.
1. Jot down a list
     Brainstorm a list of fun ideas that you can engage in. Just free write whatever comes to mind, put away the mental filters. Have fun with this list! Feel free to categorize the list as well if you’d like. Divide the list into quick pick me ups, to activities that take a bit more time and scheduling.
2. Ask for help
     Ask your husband or wife to support you in this ritual. Let them know that your self care is extremely important and that you would like their support in making it a priority. Maybe start with once a week and move up from there. If they give you some time to do as you like, then be sure to offer the same to them. Asking for your needs to be met is the first step in nurturing yourself and your well being.
3. Just do it!
     Don’t hesitate, don’t make up excuses, just do it this week. Commit to engaging in one selfish act this week. Life will always be busy, you will always have things to do, so stop putting it off. Listen to your body and take some time to nourish the part of yourself that is depleted. You can only go so far and at such a pace before you will wear yourself down
Have a great week!