Be Your Best Self

In order to be your best self, you need to act, dress and be the part. Who comes to mind
that you would define as having a successful life? What do they do that radiates success? Do
they walk taller? Do they dress nice portraying a certain image? These individuals know that
their attitude with others and investing in their appearance plays a huge role in how others
perceive and treat them. How do confident people act? They are positive and complimentary,
they speak up for what they believe, and they create healthy boundaries in their lives. Sometimes
you need to act a certain way before it becomes natural and easy for you. How do successful
people dress? You don’t need to wear expensive top of the line clothes, but you do need to make
your appearance a priority. When you look put together and polished, you feel more confident.
You then radiate this confidence to others and they feel more confident with you. Don’t you feel
more productive at work when you dress the part? In order to “be” the part, you first need to
allow yourself to be that person. Envision how you want to be and then give yourself the tools
and know how to create this.


1. Act the part
List all of the characteristics that successful people portray. How do they act? How do they
spend their time? What is their attitude in general? Then start “acting” like these individuals.
I am not telling you to be someone you are not, I am telling you to “act” confident and then
see how this changes your chemistry overall. You might begin to feel more confident just by
acting the part.

2. Dress the part
Do you spend time getting ready in the morning? Do you dress confidently and invest in
your appearance? How you look shows the world that your physical well being is important to
you. Spend some time this week “dressing” the part. If you are self-employed and work out of
the home, instead of wearing sweats to work, dress professionally. See if dressing the part
changes how productive you are and how you feel in general.

3. Be the part
How would you like to see yourself? Allow yourself to be the person you truly want to be.
Focus this week on being the person you generally look up to. Tap into whatever tools
and resources you need to create this.

Have a great week!