Combat Depression

It always feels like a let down after the holidays. People spend months and weeks preparing for this time of year, and then after the gifts are opened and family goes back home, you can feel a bit sad. Depression can hit you any time of year, but this time of year makes your emotions feel a bit heightened. I love the holidays, especially taking some time off to relax with family and friends. The rest of the year is very busy, so I treasure this opportunity to just have fun in a laid back manner. Just like everyone else, I go through a period of sadness when it’s all over. Life will throw curve balls your way at different periods, and these curve balls can sometimes lead to depression. After working with countless numbers of people who have suffered from lapses of feeling down and out, I’ve come up with ways to counteract these feelings. Keep in mind these remedies are for mild feelings of sadness, not full blown depression. If depression is something you have struggled with in your life, seeking help from a trained professional is your best bet. After trial and error, I’ve learned ways to lift my spirits when I least feel like lifting them. If you are feeling a surge of sadness right now, follow these Monday Tips to help you move forward.
1. Focus on movement
    OK, so what is the last thing you feel like doing when you are depressed? Exercise? Emotion is created by motion, meaning it is vital to move around a bit in order to lift your spirits. Do whatever you can to get exercise into your daily routine. Meet a friend at your gym. Go for a morning walk. Meet with a trainer. Join a fitness group. Sign up for a yoga class. Commit this week to making exercise a priority in your life.
2. Listen to music
    Whenever I am sad, I can turn on some uplifting music and it almost instantaneously makes me feel better. Music is therapeutic in so many ways. I wouldn’t suggest putting on sad and sappy lyrics. Play some music that makes you want to get up and dance. Maybe a good first step would be to download some new tunes or purchase a CD you’ve had your eyes on.
3. Hang out with happy people
    Positive people have energy that is infectious. If you are down in the dumps, don’t hang out with people that are just as sad and depressed, it will only make matters worse. Call the friend who is naturally comedic and upbeat. Grab lunch with someone who always makes you feel good. Choose wisely who you spend your time with.
Have a great week!