Confident Relationships

At the end of the day, the quality of your life is largely due to the quality of relationships you have with others. This applies the most with our partners. No one has the magic formula for what makes a successful and confident relationship, we all have our ups and downs. However, the most successful relationships DO have certain characteristics intertwined in them. Ultimately, everyone craves a loving and healthy relationship in their life. How would you approach the world differently knowing you have a supporter and partner by your side at all times to help get you through the ups and downs of life? Would you walk taller? Would you come across as more confident? After a difficult day, would it put a smile on your face having someone at home to listen to you and lift your spirits? Here are some helpful tips for creating confident relationships in your life


1. Humor 
“Life is too important to be taken seriously” Relationships are in trouble when partners can no longer see the humor in a situation. To stay together we must remember how to play together. Focus this week on keeping the humor alive in your relationships. Laugh together and enjoy the simple things. My mom used a phrase “lighten up” all the time when things got too serious…I try to incorporate that statement in my life on a daily basis.

2. Spend time together
Prioritize spending time together outside the routines of daily life. Any significant relationship deserves attention. Set aside some time this week for a “date” with your partner or significant other. Spending quality time together keeps the relationship alive and fun. Make this a priority in your life!

3. Consider your partners motives
When you are feeling angry, hurt or betrayed because of something your partner has said or done, first take a moment for quiet reflection. Then ask yourself the following question: “Do I believe deep in my heart that my partner intended to insult me?” If you believe it was his intention to hurt or anger you, then it would be wise to move forward with therapy or another form of intervention. On the other hand, if you truly see no ill will, then it becomes easier to proceed toward forgiveness. You both need to take responsibility for your own behavior. Focus this week on taking a step back when you are hurt or you illicit hurtful statements to your partner.