Continue Looking Ahead

Throughout your life you will enjoy successes and feel in control of the way your goals are manifesting. You may set some achievable goals for yourself that you reach. You feel a sense of achievement and complacency. There have been many times in my life where I am achieving my goals, moving forward, and then I get comfortable in the pace and forget to continue looking ahead. I then feel a shift as I slow down again and have to start over building up the momentum. By doing this it results in stagnation. It is important to constantly be looking into your future. Looking a yearor two ahead, planning for what you want to happen will keep you moving at a constant pace. Be specific as to what you will be doing, where you will be living, what your financial situation will look like. Then compare this vision to your life today. It is then important to create specific action steps to move you in the right direction.
By continuously looking to the next phase we continue to expand our vision for what our future will look like. It is important to embrace the feelings of satisfaction when you achieve a goal, but it is just as important to continue looking ahead and moving forward. This will allow you to build the momentum and constantly set your sights higher. Push yourself this week and feel the momentum start to build on its own.

1. List achievements
Make a list of all of your achievements in the past couple of years. Did you lose the weight? Did you finish a marathon? Did you get the promotion? Writing down this list will not only boost your confidence a bit, but it will help you see where and when you achieved specific goals.
2. What helped?
Looking at your achievements, what did it take for you to accomplish them? Support from friends? Structure and accountability? A reason to accomplish them….20 year reunion that you wanted to feel good about? Write down the tools and resources that helped you so you can continue to tap into them.
3. Continue looking forward
Continue creating a vision for your future. Even when you accomplish certain tasks and feel good about the pace you are creating, don’t push this aside. Whether it be a weekly or monthly exercise, practice the art of looking ahead. Write down your future goals often and what it is going to take to achieve them. When you achieve that, then continue looking ahead to the next venture.
Have a great week!