Create Play Time!

How many of you feel like your life is a non-stop cycle of work, obligations and errands? If this is the case, then you might want to pencil in some play time. I know personally when I get preoccupied and stressed with work or life details, I can always count on my kids to add a splash of carefree fun to my day. Playing hide and seek, getting out the markers and paper, or baking some cookies is a wonderful and needed distraction. Playtime can also be something you enjoy doing by yourself. Maybe it’s going for a hike, or seeing a matinee, or dancing your worries away. Playtime is crucial in re-energizing you both physically as well as emotionally. I used to feel so guilty if I showered myself with some fun and attention. I always felt like I was “taking away” time from other people in my life. I realized very quickly that the time I invested in myself always made me more emotionally available for others. I felt rejuvinated and refreshed and therefore was able to give more of myself. So in essence, taking time for yourself is not a selfish act at all, but a way to provide more energy and excitement to those around you. This week make it a priority to take a much needed escape! Life is far too short to be so serious all the time. Play, have fun, run in the wind, do whatever brings a smile to your face.


1. Jot down ideas
This is your opportunity to brainstorm ideas for yourself. How would you define playtime? What would be fun? What would be spontaneous? Think up simple quick energizers as well as more lengthy and thought out ideas. What is something you could do in fifteen minutes? What is something you could do during a week-end away? Have fun with this list!

2. Make it a priority
For some of you, unless you pencil it in like any other appointment, it is simply not going to happen. Make this time a priority in your life! Get out your calendar, review your upcoming week and pencil something in. Write down when and how you are going to use this time. Don’t make excuses, just do it.

3. Let go of guilt
Get rid of the guilt associated with taking play time. The more you make this a priority, and feel and notice the results around you, the easier it will be. Just know it might take some time for the guilt to disappear. This time is good for your soul, good for your mood, and extremely needed in our busy world!

Good Luck!

Have a great week!