Enjoy the Moment for What It Is

A horrific tragedy happened the other day that once again struck a chord within me. A couple and their two vibrant and beautiful children were hit by a reckless drunk driver as they were enjoying a night of hot cocoa and fun. They were enjoying the evening, when in an instant the children and mother were tragically killed. It is difficult if not impossible to imagine what the father is going through. It should never take something so heart-wrenching to open your own eyes, but in the least you can turn this tragedy to something positive in your own life. Allowing a senseless act to be just that, senseless and overwhelming, there is nothing good that would come from that. If however, this tragedy is a catalyst to enjoy the moment more, to hug your children more often, to let go of insignificant details in your life, then maybe, just maybe there is some light that was created from something so unimaginable. Don’t disregard this tragedy and continue your life ‘as is’, take it to heart and commit to this family that you will better your own life from their loss.  No one is guaranteed a long and thriving life, we are only guaranteed one moment at a time. So, cherish the moments for what they are. Let go of insignificant details, because I guarantee the father of this family would give absolutely everything to have the daily stressors of fighting children and unpaid bills. Commit this week to be in the moment and enjoy the moment for what it is.
1. Be in the moment
    This week commit to living your life in the moment. No matter what activity you are involved in, embrace it fully. If you are talking with your children, give them your undivided attention. If you are exercising, give it your all. By focusing on everything going on in your life at once, you are missing the moments that truly make up your life. It is the “little moments” that you will cherish and remember. Try it this week and see how you feel.
2. Express gratitude
    This tragedy and this time of year always pushes you to remember what you are grateful for in your life. Again, there are no absolutes, no guarantees, so be thankful for what you DO have in your life. Every evening journal 5 things you were grateful for that day. Beginning this gratitude journal will keep you grounded and focused on what really matters in your life.
3. Acts of kindness
    This week do something spontaneous to brighten up someone else’s life. By focusing on others, it takes away solely focusing on yourself and your own life. It feels good to give and contribute to someone else’s happiness, so be in the moment and do something that you always said you would do but somehow never found the time to follow through on. Just do it this week!


Have a great week!