From Pain to Joy

As most of you remember, last time I sent a tip to you I was preparing for our move, as well as emotionally preparing to send my son off to week long summer camp for the first time. I appreciate all of your kind emails wishing me good luck and positive energy. The day I took my son to camp I felt a sadness and pit in my stomach that I had not felt in quite some time. I was in a funk for a couple of days, but luckily my beautiful and happy daughter lifted my spirits. There was no way to avoid the pain from missing my son and saying good-bye to our previous home I had lived in for over ten years- I simply needed to go though it. A lesson I learned was that there will always be difficult and emotional challenges surfacing in your life, but knowing that will you be come through intact and stronger will get you through the darkest points. As hard as it was to send my son to camp, it truly opened my eyes to so many things. I see him in a different light now and could not be prouder. I was able to relinquish a little bit of control and realize that he is getting older and more independent. Had I tried to avoid the pain or stay in denial, I would not have been fully present for this transition in my life. Here is some advice as you are going through your own difficult periods.
1. Go with it
    No matter what is thrown your way, have confidence that you will get through it. Try remembering other times in your life that you struggled and persevered. Also keep your vision and thoughts on the bigger picture. Remember that it may be painful right now, but that pain will slowly disappear with time. It will lessen.
2. What can you learn
    I am a believer that every single situation and experience in your life is meant to teach you something. Instead of solely focusing on the pain or discomfort, what can you learn. What do you think the universe is trying to teach you? Try taking a step back from the situation to see it in a different light.
3. Rely on others
    You are never meant to go through the difficult times in your life alone. Remember there are always people around you to lend an ear or shoulder to cry on. My friends and family were life savers during the past couple of weeks. I typically don’t get too affected by things, but the emotional overload of my son and moving took its toll. They listened, offered support and listened some more. It made a huge difference in helping me through the transition.
Have a great week!