Get Your Own Needs Met First

We all have needs in life, wherein when they are fulfilled we feel complete and whole. Some of us need to feel loved.  Some need to be heard.  Some need freedom to express and explore. Whatever it is you need, most people look outside themselves to fill the need. You expect others to make you feel loved.  You have a need to be heard no matter how you go about acheiving this. Did it ever occur to you that you could fill your needs first and foremost, before expecting others to do it for you? How would it feel to take the burden off others while providing it yourself? Then you would naturally attract people into your life that would respect and honor your needs. They would do it because they respect you and what you do for yourself, not because they feel forced to provide it for you. There are only a few things in life that you have complete and total control over; your beliefs, your attitudes and your behavior. So, empower yourself and be the provider for once instead of the receiver.
1. What are your needs?
    Make a list of all your needs. For ex. respect, power, safety, trust, love, space, joy, abundance, acceptance. These are things you feel you need in order to be your best. Filling these needs makes you feel satisfied and content.
2. Narrow the list
  From this list, pick your top 5. Now look at this list of 5 and then narrow it down again to your top 3. These are your 3 most important core needs. These needs are your excuse behind your behaviors. Just look at the list for a while and see if that makes sense.
3. Commit to act
    From this list of 3 needs, I want you to focus on one need per week. If your first need is love, pick 5 loving acts you can do for yourself this week. Get a massage, meet a friend for lunch, go for a walk, take a hot bath, read a magazine before bed, get a great hair cut, etc….See how it feels to be consistent with you behavior. Does your outlook change? Are you expecting less from others? Just try it out and see.
Have a great week!