Give Up the Procrastination and Face Your Fears

There are many reasons why we procrastinate in life, but the main reason would be to avoid feelings of fear. Of course if you are in fear mode, it is difficult to venture forward. Maybe you fear that you might fail at something, so you hesitate to even try. Possibly you fear being ridiculed in front of a group, so you avoid speaking in front of people. Whatever your fears are, it is important to get to the bottom of why you feel the way you do, so that you can figure out ways to work through your insecurities and prosper. Of course if you continue to put off moving forward on a specific task because you fear failing, what do you think will ultimately happen? Well, sadly enough you will fail to achieve your goal, thus you arefailing for not trying. I once worked with a client that was miserable in her current job, and she dreamed of working for herself one day. Of course she continued to make excuses and procrastinate moving forward because her fears were too great. What if she failed? What if she went financially bankrupt? What if she wasn’t cut out to run a business? Eventually we confronted her fears and came up with manageable solutions that slowly moved her forward. She quit her job and is now running a very profitable business that she absolutely loves. So, this week may be a great time for you to look at your own life and decide if certain fears and procrastinations are worth facing.
1. Confront your fear
    This is obviously the first step in moving past your fears. You need to define what your fear is so that you can confront it. Do you lack confidence in something, therefore you are hesitant to get involved in an activity? Are you afraid of being judged, so you keep quiet in meetings where your input might be valued? Whatever your fears are, try to narrow it down into bite size chunks that you can work on one at a time.
2. Pros and cons
    This is a crucial step in getting rid of procrastination. Sometimes we get so caught up in our emotions, that we lack the ability to see things objectively. Make a list of the pros and cons of moving past your fears. What would be the pros of starting your own business? More joy, financial stability, flexibility, etc…What would be the cons if you fail to move forward? Huge regret, staying miserable at current job, lack of challenges or joy, etc…
3. Prepare and plan
    If you want to leave a job and start your own business, of course I wouldn’t advise just jumping ship without planning ahead. By laying out a specific course of action and sticking to it, it will alleviate much of your anxiety and stress. Detail what steps you need to take day by day, week by week, to move you closer to your goal. Preparation is key in feeling more confident when facing fears.
Have a great week!