Hitting a Plateau

OK, so we’ve all experienced hitting a slump when trying to reach a goal. Maybe you were trying to lose weight and all of a sudden you hit a plateau, or you were seeking employment and all of a sudden the phone from prospective employers stopped ringing. No one is immune from the occasional plateau, so remember that you are not alone. I know from experience how frustrating it can feel when you reach this phase. After my first year of college, I did what I swore would not happen to me. I gained the famous 15 pounds, actually it was more like 20-25 pounds. I was miserable. My body was not accustomed to that much added weight, and I was self conscious and depressed. I was a very social and outgoing person, and this weight thing put me in a funk. I tried exercising and eating healthier, and I would lose a pound here and there, but the number was not budging very quickly. So, when school ended in May, I was determined to tackle the problem head on over the next 3 months at home for summer break. I joined a program and began working out regularly, and within those 3 months I had lost 25 pounds. I vowed I would never lose control like that again, and I can happily say I’ve maintained the weight ever since.   When you hit a plateau, you have two choices ahead of you. You can give up or try harder and wait it out. That unfriendly voice inside your head will probably question your ability to keep going. You  may question your ability to get a new job, or you  may lose the motivation to lose the weight and go back to old habits.  Remember that fighting for what you want will help you get over the stump. Maybe you need to let go of unrealistic expectations or try to achieve your goal in a different manner. It’s a matter of believing in yourself and your abilities. Take some time this week to look at your own life and determine if you have hit some plateau’s.
1. Current plateau in your life
     Are you currently struggling with a dry spell in your life? Have you hit a plateau in your weight loss? Have you hit a dry spell in searching for a job? Has the dating scene slowed down? Jot down what specifically you are frustrated with so can come up with a plan of action. It’s important to address the problem first so that you can come up with ideas to move past it.
2. Why the plateau?
     Why do you think you have hit the dry spell? Do you think you may have unrealistic expectations that simply can’t be met? Maybe your body is at a weight that it feels comfortable with. Maybe you are searching for a soul mate in all the wrong places and need to expand your search? Maybe you aren’t finding the job because the universe has a different plan for you? Maybe it’s time you explored your entrepeneurial spirit? Try digging deeper this week to answer these questions.
3. Be patient
     I know how frustrating it can feel to hit a plateau. But, does this frustration do anything to change the outcome? It’s not very helpful other than emotionally and physically bringing you down. So, sometimes having faith that things will eventually turn around, can bring a wave of peace to you. Turn your frustration into action and you will reap the rewards.
Have a great week!