Just Ask

One major difference between highly successful individuals and all others is that successful people simply ask for what they want. So many of us have no idea what opportunities would arrive in our life, because we don’t bother to even ask. This includes asking for a raise or promotion, asking for what you need in a relationship, asking someone to give you an opportunity you are seeking, simply asking because you believe you are worth it. It never hurts to ask, it merely opens doors that might not have been opened. People fear rejection or the unknown so deeply that they don’t even bother to take the risk. Life is a risk, everything you want is worth the risk. The worst case scenario is someone says ‘no’, then what happens? You get back up, try again and perservere, but at least you know in your heart that you gave it your all. That alone is worth the risk!


1. What do you want to ask?
What in your life do you want but are too afraid to ask for it? Make a list of different areas of your life; for example, career, family, relationships, having fun. Then write a specific list of what you need to ask in order to move forward.

2. Brainstorm
Once you have a detailed list, brainstorm ideas of ways you can ask for it. Write down as many different scenarios as possible, that way you can pick and choose what feels the best. Look at both the pros and cons of not asking. What are you willing to give up by not asking?

3. Gather Support
Having a support structure is crucial when facing fears and the unknown. Create a support “success team” of individuals that will motivate and encourage you to ask for what you want and need in life. If you want a third party that isn’t a member of your family or social network, look into working with a Life Coach.

Have a great week!