Just Do It

You’ve tried several times to lose the weight, you’ve expressed interest in a new career move, you’re tired of friends or colleagues taking advantage of you, or you’ve been seeking Mr or Mrs Right, however you’ve had a hard time either getting started in the first place or succeeding in your goal. How often have you told yourself, “I’ll start tomorrow” or “I’ll start next week”? It’s easy to find excuses to put off your dreams, goals and aspirations. But where have the excuses gotten you? The exact same place you are today and where you’ll be tomorrow. Why not ‘just do it’ for once and for all? Why not commit to take action TODAY, not tomorrow, even if it’s very small steps. Stop waiting for your life to changeFOR you, YOU need to change your life. If you don’t want to look back a year from now frustrated at what you didn’t accomplish, take one day at a time, but start TODAY! Try looking at what you can accomplish every day, instead of looking at the large picture. Sometimes looking at the goal in entirety is overwhelming and stops you from even getting started. Just commit to do something today and I guarantee you will accomplish amazing things before your very eyes.


1. What areas need change?
What areas in your life have you been working on changing or improving? Is this a realistic goal or one that needs to go on the backburner? Be specific in order to detail a plan. Consult a Life Coach in order to help you get started and stay focused. This week write down what areas of your life you have been meaning to improve or change.

2. One Year Rule
If you have had a goal for over a year and still have not progressed or achieved it, it might be time to let the goal go or reinvent it. Sometimes we fail to achieve goals because they are not the right goals. If you are not excited and passionate about the goal at hand, the liklihood that you will achieve it diminishes. Make sure your goals are the real issue at hand, look deeper at why you want to make the changes.

3. Just do it
Commit this week to have the ‘just do it’ attitude. Instead of procrastinating, just do something that leads you in the right direction. When you find yourself excusing your action, stop and make the choice to go forward now instead of later. Instill friends to help you stay on track.

Have a great week!