Learn the Art of Patience

I had a client that came to me seeking guidance in finding a new career path. After a lot of work and fine tuning what exactly she was looking for, she began sending out some resumes. There was one job in particular that she was excited about, so she took the steps to get an interview. She felt very positive after the interview, and was told they would get back to her with a response. She knew that it might be a lengthy response, as they were interviewing several candidates. She used our next coaching session as an opportunity to discuss the art of patience. She was having a difficult time waiting, and it was stressing her out in every other area of her life. I myself have never been much of a fan of waiting, but reviewing times in my own life where I had to practice patience, taught me several key facts. These opportunities as I see them, have always helped me see the bigger picture. Taking a bit of quiet reflection allowed me to see why things were happening. Let me give you an example. I was seeking out a television network to provide weekly coaching tips to their viewers. I had my mind set on one particular network. I met with the executive producer and walked around the station. I got an ok feeling, but nothing extremely settling or comfortable. Time passed and I did not hear back from them. I was feeling extremely stressed and I didn’t understand their lack of excitement to move foreward. After using the time to get grounded and refocused, I allowed myself to put it out of my mind. I knew the universe would come through in whatever fashion it was supposed to, so I let it go. A couple days later I heard from a producer at another network that wanted to meet with me. They were genuine and open to my ideas and we began shooting some pieces. I felt comfortable at their station from day one, while everyone including all the anchors were warm and embracing. It was a perfect fit. I was meant to be there, not the other station, and I am still there to this day. By letting go of the stress and trusting in the bigger picture, I was able to attract what was meant to be. After sharing some of this with my client, she was able to put it out of her mind and get back engaged with her life. A couple of weeks later she did hear from the company, and they offered her another position that they believed would be a better fit. She was hesitant at first but accepted the offer. She is now comfortable in her position and absolutely loves it. She is thriving and practicing patience every day. Here are some tips for you this week:
1. Preparing for next stage
     Typically the waiting period is a time to prepare you for the next stage in your life. When you are feeling anxious or uneasy, know that the break is exactly what you need. You have a choice how to utilize your time. You can allow this time to get you down or you can allow this time to help you become stronger emotionally. Do what you can to stay focused and positive.
2. Physical activity
     When you are waiting for something, it’s easy to feel not so great. Use this time to bring some physical activity into your life. Join a class. Take a hike. Go on daily walks as a form of meditation. Go swimming. Instead of waiting and sulking, get active. Just the act of motion will make you feel better. It is gratifying not just physically, but spiritually as well.
3. Journal
     Journaling is a great exercise when going through transitions. Sometimes having an outlet is extremely therapeutic. Journal whatever feelings come up. Just the act of free writing will offer answers to questions you are seeking. When you write from the heart, you will be amazed how clear your own insight can be. If you aren’t much of a writer, than create another form of expression.