Life is Short, Eat Your Ice Cream

Do you ever eat ice cream without the guilt?  Do you continuously put off vacations until you have more money or the time is better? Do you pass on wonderful opportunities because you feel there are more important tasks to get done? I know that I am 100% guilty of these at times. Your life passes as you are making up excuses, and there are no guarantees in life, so you might want to fully enjoy it now and then. Getting preoccupied with life tends to get in the way of life. Doesn’t make much sense does it? Have you ever really observed children, noticing the way they are completely engrossed in the moment? When is the last time you flew a kite in the wind? When was your last hot fudge sundae? What about getting out your paint and markers and having fun? I’ve read countless stories of men and women nearing the end of their life that had several regrets. They wished they played more. They wished they ate more ice cream without the guilt. They wished they made traveling more of a priority. I know it is easy to look back in hind sight, for when you are in the moment it is easy to come up with excuses. Just don’t let the excuses stand in your way from fully enjoying your life from time to time. My mother was an amazing role model when it came to living in the moment and letting her inner child come out and play from time to time. She was known for throwing sleep overs for her girlfriends, filled with eating fatty foods, watching movies and gossiping till the early daylight. She didn’t seem to care that she was in her forties, nor did she think twice what others might have thought. And I guarantee that those women had the time of their lives! This week let your inner kid come out and play.
1. What do you continue to put off?
     What have you thought of pursuing, that for some reason continues to be put on the side burner? Have you been wanting to see the ocean? Have you dreamed of climbing a fourteener? Have you discussed having a week-end retreat with your friends? Continuing to talk about something won’t make it happen any faster. Pick one activity or pursuit that has been on your mind for a while.
2. Put it into action
     Talk is pointless if there is no action behind your words. If you have been dreaming of spending time at the ocean, what realistically needs to happen? Can you take time off, and if so when? How much money would you need to save to make it happen? Write down a detailed list of the steps that you would need to take in order to make it a reality. Take the baby steps needed to get closer to your dream. By breaking down the dream into manageable steps, you will ultimately achieve it. Get started!
3. Play for the sake of playing
     When is there ever going to be a better time to just play and feel like a kid again? We are only getting older, so you might as well reverse time every now and then. Journal a “Playtime” list of things that you would enjoy. Get a banana split. See a midnight movie. Have a sleepover…at a spa. Swim with the dolphins. Take a hot air balloon ride at sunrise. Commit to bringing fun back into your life.
Good Luck!
Have a great week!