Live a Life of Joy

Each and every one of us is capable of living a life of joy. No matter what our current beliefs or situations are, we are always capable of tapping into a strength that will bring about more peace and joy. Some of us become so preoccupied with our past, that we are literally unable to find the happiness in our current lives. There are always individuals that have experienced far more pain and suffering, that have been able to stand strong and see the beauty that surrounds them. I do believe that there is always a light at the end of a tunnel, it’s just a matter of believing in it and reaching out to it. Sometimes it is easier to blame and be a victim than to take responsibility for your own happiness. Once you become aware of this, your life and outlook will shift for the better. I worked with a woman that was going through an emotional and disheartening divorce. At first she was constantly blaming her husband for all of the problems of their marriage. She was unable to see her part in the break up, she wasn’t ready to take ownership for what she contributed. After working together for some time, she was able to take a step back and acknowledge her own wrong doing. She realized that she didn’t need to blame any longer. She didn’t want to remain in anger mode if she wanted to find peace and move on. Once she did this, she was able to find the peace and joy again in herself. She saw herself in a completely new light and radiated a confidence that she had not experienced in the past. Finding her joy was up to her and no one else and she knew it. If you really want to experience more joy in your life, you first need to let go of any hurtful feelings or experiences that are holding you back. You then need to determine what lights you up, what activities fill you up with joy and peace. Then you need to get out there and create it. Good luck this week~
1. Let it go
     What beliefs or experiences from your past are you constantly carrying with you to the present? Is there a painful memory that continues to pop up in your life? Are the constant reminders enriching your life or disempowering you? What can you actively do to begin to release the pain from your past? Possibly seek out a therapist? Work with a life coach? Begin to journal your thoughts and feelings? Do something this week to step forward in your life.
2. Find your joy again
     If you want to create more joy in your life, you first need to know what that joy is. Review your past or take a closer look at your present. What lights you up? What did you do when you were younger that brought you a lot of happiness? Maybe you love the outdoors and being active. Possibly you thrive on gardening and simple pleasures. Maybe you get a natural high off of helping others less fortunate. Create a list to work with.
3. Keep good company
     I am a firm believer in surrounding yourself with people that naturally make you feel good. If you want to create more joy in your life, start by keeping company with individuals that have a smile on their face and radiate a happy energy about them. These people will naturally lift your mood and spirits. If you want to keep yourself down, surround yourself by others that complain and play the victim role. Choose wisely who you spend your time with.
Have a great week!