Live with NO Regrets!

A wish I have for all my clients, colleagues and friends is that they live a life of no regrets. Today however, I am specifically referring to the relationships in your life, or relationships in the past that you have unfinished business with. Today marks the 10 year anniversary of my mother’s death, and one thing I know for sure in my life is that I feel complete peace with our relationship. Through our ups and downs she always knew how much I loved and adored her. Especially toward the end of her life, I never hesitated to express my feelings for her. She knew she was cherished above all else. I am sharing these memories for the sole purpose of helping others live a life with no regrets. You do not know what tomorrow will bring, so make amends, express your feelings now, and be at peace with the people in your life. You can make the choice to hold your ground and wait for others to apologize first, or you can empower yourself, take the higher road and make a difference here and now. You choose!

1. Make Amends
Start with yourself first. You need to start with yourself first before expanding to others. Forgive yourself for things in your past that you have held on to, it’s time to let it go. To err is human. Look at yourself in the present and make the changes in order to portray your most positive qualities. Forgive the past, you did what you did with the tools you had at the time.
2. Look at your past
Who in the past do you still hold grudges against? Who do you have unresolved issues with? If your life ended tomorrow, who would you regret not talking to? This week write a list of everyone that is an emotional drain. Make a commitment to create peace instead of toxicity.
3. Say you’re sorry and forgive
Contact everyone on your list and commit to bring peace and closure to the relationship. Either take the higher road and apologize(even if you were not in the wrong), or forgive them for their wrong doing. You will relieve a tremendous weight off your shoulders and feel much better. You choose the emotional drain of carrying these negative feelings with you, or you can choose to let it go and move on.

Have a great week!