Live Your Best Life

What does it mean to live your best life? Is it professional success? Is it balance between work and family? Is it expressing your authentic self? I believe living your best life means living a life of truth, following your purpose and showing your love for those in your life. We all know when we aren’t following our path, when we’ve steered off course as I say. We are all dealt a deck of cards throughout our lives, sometimes we have a good hand and sometimes we are dealt a not so good hand. It is how we perservere that makes us stand out and succeed. Something that I feel is extremely important when trying to live your best life is putting yourself first. We all have goals and visions for our lives and it is important to keep focused on that goal no matter what obstacles or people come in your way. If you allow others to steer you off course then you aren’t putting yourself and your priorities first. This is not a selfish act at all, it is merely staying focused on what will make you happy. I also believe living your best life is having an attitude of never giving up, even when it gets difficult. I have been faced with many difficult and heart wrenching obstacles in my life, it would have been much easier to give up and hide under a rock. Where would that have gotten me? Absolutely nowhere. So, I chose to keep my chin up and believe that there are reasons why things happen, both good and bad, even if at the time it makes no sense. This belief has kept me on course and brought me profound joys that I never would have created otherwise. Take this week to re-examine your own life and determine if you are living your best!
1. Cultivate your strengths
    We are all born with innate strengths and talents. Instead of focusing on what you don’t do well, focus on your strengths and what comes easily to you. This attitude of “going with the flow” will make your experiences much richer and easier. Focus on your positives and don’t hesitate and ask for help when it comes to things that don’t come as naturally.
2. Follow your passions
    This is by far the most important tip when creating your best life! What excites you? What puts a smile on your face? Instead of waiting for it to happen to you, create it in your life now. Sign up for a class. Begin painting again. Cook meals for your family. Whatever your passion is, embrace it and notice what people and opportunities come into your life.
3. Always be willing to learn       
    Opening your mind to possibilities and new things will only benefit you and your experiences in life. Being willing to learn will steer you in the right direction. Read books, take seminars, explore retreats. Whatever you have a curiosity about is a part of yourself that wants to be explored. Listen to your gut and get engaged in topics that you don’t know much about. Learn something new this week!


Have a great week!