Overwhelming to Manageable

I was talking with a new client the other day about some changes she wanted to make in her life. Aside from getting in shape and eating healthier, she continued to bring up the desire to write a book. She was extremely passionate about the topic, and her voice just lit up when she described her vision. Her fear of not being a talented enough writer, coupled with all of the details of writing a book stopped her in her tracks. After talking for some time, it was clear to me that she in the very least needed to explore the possibility of pursuing this dream. So many people have things they would like to pursue, but they stop themselves short before even trying. It is the execution of an idea that brings it to life. This client felt such an urge of excitement and possibility after talking, because I was able to not only support her vision but break it down into bite size steps that she felt more comfortable with. She was so focused on the end result, that she didn’t open herself to the possibilities that there were lots of different ways of moving forward at her pace. If you can break your own dreams down into manageable steps, you will get that much closer to acheiving them. You will move from feelings of overwhelm to feelings of success.
1. Clarify your goals
     What goals do you have for yourself? Would you like to lose 20 pounds? Does it feel overwhelming? Don’t look at the large picture, just focus on daily and weekly achievements. Get very clear in your head what exactly it is you would like to achieve. It needs to be a thought first before you can actualize it. Don’t throw in the towel before you even begin to embark on your journey.
2. Prioritize
     Like my client, there were several areas in her life that she wanted to improve. Instead of trying to change everything in your life at once, which will only frustrate and overwhelm you, pick and choose a couple areas at a time. Prioritize what you feel you need to work on first and so forth. Does your health need your attention first? Do you need to focus your energy on nurturing your self first? You pick what areas stand out and commit to working on those areas first.
3. Break it down
     Now that you have some goals, you need to break them down. How can you make your large goal a daily task? If you are wanting to improve your health, what are some options? Maybe commit to being active every single day, even if for only 20 minutes? Possibly get rid of soda and replace it with water every day? Or, switch your white bread with wheat bread? Just the act of doing something positive will move you in the right direction
Have a great week!