Positive Habits

I want you to take a minute and think of all the habits you have in your life, both positive and negative. Your eating habits affect your health and weight. Your social habits affect your relationships. Your work habits affect your success at work. Habits are simply behaviors that you do on automatic reflex, without much thought. They are fairly involuntary. Most people think of the negative habits they have acquired over the years, such as smoking, eating unhealthy foods, social anxiety or giving in to anger issues. What about the positive habits? Wouldn’t you love to create more involuntary positive habits that produce positive benefits and attitudes? How would it feel to go through your day and enjoy all the benefits of your positive habits? Habits are simply knowledge in action. What does this mean? Let’s say you have a habit of eating junk food when feeling stressed. You have the knowledge that junk food temporarily makes you feel better, so you then act on that. My goal for you is to create a new positive habit that leads to more positive benefits. Instead of automatically eating the junk food to feel better, I would like you to create a new positive habit that leads you to the same feelings of satisfaction. This week is about focusing on your current habits and beginning to create better habits for yourself.
1. 21 Day rule
     How many of you are familiar with the 21 day rule? It has been researched that it takes 21 days of repetitive behavior to create a new habit. This means if you commit to a positive behavior for 21 days, it will turn into a habit. These 21 days can focus on actions, attitudes or thoughts. It is simply up to you. So focus on this rule over the next 3 weeks.
2. Negative habits
     The first step is writing down all of the habits you would like to change. If you have a hard time detailing what these are, start a journal. It is very easy to forget things that are automatic, so try writing them down. Did you eat a pint of ice cream when depressed? Did you go shopping when something negative happened at work? Did you gossip when feeling insecure. The only way you are going to create lasting and positive habits in your life is to become aware of the ones that are keeping you from living your best life.
3. Pick one new habit at a time
     Now is not the time to get overwhelmed with all these new habits you want to create. It is important to pick one or two at a time and commit to just those over the next 21 days. Maybe you want to create a habit of eating fresh fruit at every meal. Or, you may want to call a friend to vent instead of going to the mall when stressed. Possibly you want to save money and make your own espresso at home every morning instead of heading to Starbucks.
Have a great week!