Random Acts of Kindness

I have never been more grateful for kind people than I was the other day. I grabbed a quick coffee with my husband in the middle of the day, which unfortunately doesn’t happen enough, and for some reason I left my purse at the store. I got home and got back to work, when not 2 minutes had passed, and I received a call from my own cell phone. Someone at the store found the purse, found the phone inside the purse, and managed to find the ‘home’ button and call our house. I completely sighed a sigh of relief and thanked the woman profusely. I can’t even begin to think of the number of scenarios that could have happened, had it not been for this kind stranger. This struck a chord within me. With all the disheartening things happening in the world, with all the saddness and heartache, comes pure goodness and kindness as well. It is amazing to me what a different state of affairs the world would be in, if everyone made a conscious choice of creating kind gestures on a daily basis. How often do we get so preoccupied with our own lives and everything going on, that we miss opportunities to do good? Would it really take that much effort and time out of your day to look for these opportunities? One person at a time can truly make a difference in the world and impact others lives for the positive. Commit to keeping this in your awareness this week.


1. Remember the past
When in your own life were you touched by random acts of kindness. How did it make you feel? Did it create a ‘pay it forward’ kind of attitude within you? Kindness tends to act like falling dominos, one persons’ kindness motivates another to act similarly. Just enjoy these memories and let them act like a jumpstart in your life today.

2. Don’t hesitate
Unfortunately most of us hesitate when someone is in need. It is easy to assume someone else will take care of the situation. Let’s assume a young girl is on the side of a road with a flat tire. Would you continue driving? Would you assume she was ok? What if this were your own daughter? Would you want someone to look out for her best interest? If you are hesitant to stop for fear of frightening her, you could at the least call 911 to assist her. Just put this in your awareness this week, instead of passing a situation by, stop and think if you are able to make a difference.

3. One act per day
Commit this week to doing one act of kindness every day. It does not need to be something extravagant. A simple smile to someone stressed out can make a huge difference in their day. Maybe a colleague has a lot on their plate and you have some extra time, maybe offer to lend a hand. Just try to act genuinely this week and see how it makes you feel.

Have a great week!