Reconnect With Lost Friends

Eight or nine years ago I crossed paths with a woman that changed my life. She profoundly affected the course and direction my life was taking, and I will be eternally grateful. That is another story in and of itself, and maybe I will share it some other time. Sadly, as happens, our lives got busy, children were born, and we slowly lost touch. I didn’t think much of it, because my life was full with a wonderful marriage and two amazing children. As time passed, thoughts of her would pop into my mind, but it quickly faded as I was busy doing my thing. Let’s fast forward to the present. For some reason the Universe was telling me it was time to reconnect. I have been thinking about her for a couple of months, and finally decided to move forward. I searched via the internet and was directed to her website. I sent her an email and a phone message and within a couple of days she called me back. We were amazed that she too had been thinking of me, and she was so happy when she heard my voice. We set up a time to meet for coffee and it was a wonderful and extremely gratifying reunion. To make a long story short, I think it is so important to remain in contact with people that have touched your life. The connections you have are what you will remember at the end of your life, not how clean your house was or how much money you made. This week commit to reaching out to one person that you’ve lost touch with over the years.
1. Unresolved matters
    Is there anyone that you feel unresolved with? Do you have unfinished business? It is reconnecting, not for the purpose of a peaceful or wonderful reunion, but for the sole purpose of closure and coming to full circle. Remember it is not the outcome that matters, the mere act itself!
2. Who is on your mind?
     Is there a past friend or acquaintance that has been on your mind lately? Do you miss talking with them? Is there a reason why you have not reached out in the past? Jot down who comes to mind and highlight the names that pull at your heart for some reason or another.
3. Reach out
     Now is the time to reach out and bridge the gap. Do what is easiest for you. Send an email. Leave a message. Write a handwritten letter. Just do something this week to reconnect with someone that’s been on your mind
Have a great week!