School is Back…Take a Breath

The kids are back in school, you are getting back to a routine, yet you begin to feel frazzled. With older children comes more issues and ‘transitional periods’. Things may be going on at school that you are unaware of, and the tension may arise between you and your child. The home is the safe secure haven where children may act out what really is a by-product of problems at school. During fall, when school just begins, is a great time to open the lines of communication between you and your children, as well as you and their teachers. Talk with your children often, letting them know you care and are always approachable. Also, look for subtle changes that may be hiding a lingering larger problem. School can be a confusing, scary and unknown environment for kids when they first start. As stressed out and tense as YOU may feel, put yourself in their shoes first. Breathe in, breathe out, and then come to a solution.


1. Connect with your children
Talk, talk, and talk some more. Asking your child how they are doing and what is going on in their life is vital in keeping the lines of communication open. Try not to assume they are ok or just “going through a phase”. Let them know you are truly interested. Make a commitment this week to get involved.

2. Quality time
Make a commitment to spend one on one time with your children, even in the middle of all the craziness and activities. Your children will feel important and valued. Make the time!

3. Use resources
Always use resources available to you. If problems arise, seek guidance from school, therapists or others that have been in your situation. There are always tools available. This week put together a “resource packet” of individuals you may contact if need be.

Have a great week!