Simple Gestures

I was on a bike ride with my four year old daughter when I was inspired for today’s tip. I was pulling her in the trailer when she spotted a large puddle of water she wanted to ride through. It sounded like fun, so off we went. We didn’t realize how deep it was until after the fact, so of course we both got soaked. We were both laughing when I decided to pull over and dry her off a bit. The next thing I know, two bikers were asking if everything was ok and if they could help. It must have looked like I was trying to fix something. I told them ‘thank you’ and that everything was fine, and off they went with a smile. Even though we didn’t need help, the fact that two strangers went out of their way to make sure everything was fine hit a chord with me. What a different state of affairs the world would be in if everyone took responsibility for looking out for each other. I don’t think grand gestures are a necessity, but committing to simple gestures on a daily basis would be a great start. We all get so consumed with ourselves and our own problems, that we neglect to realize we are all in this together. It seems like life would be so much simpler and enjoyable if we all helped each other out from time to time. Just something for you to think about this week. Make a point to look around and see how you can make a difference.


1. Think back
When in your own life did a stranger give you a helping hand? Do you remember how you felt? Did their sincerity brighten your day and situation? Just remembering how another made you feel is the motivation to pay it forward.

2. Take responsibility
How can you take responsibility for helping another? Can you commit to doing at least one random act of kindness this week? Wouldn’t it feel better to focus on another than to focus on everything in your own life that is going wrong? It is genuinely uplifting to know you helped someone else. The feeling of helping others lifts your spirits and gives you an energy burst~try it out!

Have a great week!