Speak Up For Yourself Now Not Later

A coworker says something to you that is upsetting. Your spouse belittles you in front of friends. Your boss raises his voice at you in front of other employees. What is your first instinct when something like this happens? Do you brush it aside or do you speak up for yourself? Too many people avoid any and all confrontation, which in turn leads to feelings of resentment over time. It is important to raise your standards and create boundaries in your life. Why not express your feelings in the moment, so that you may release it and move on? Wouldn’t it feel better to let go of the hurt feelings while increasing your self esteem in the process? The more you teach others how to treat you, what is and is not acceptable anymore, the more they will respect you and your boundaries. It is your choice as to whether you carry the hurt with you continuously or stop it then and there.


1. List past experiences
Looking at your past, what situations come to mind where you wish you would have said something? Did you harbor negative feelings because you let it wear on you over time? Take this opportunity to learn from your past and make changes for the future.

2. Affirmation
In order to focus your thoughts and stay in the present it is helpful to create a positive affirmation. Write a statement that you can read daily. For ex. I am a strong person who is attracting positive energetic people into my life. Write a statement that feels good to you.

3. Now not later
Making up excuses and letting things slide tends to diminish your self worth over time. Commit to expressing your feelings in the moment, when appropriate, instead of bottling it up. Use this week as an opportunity to speak up and change the way people treat you.

Have a great week!