Stop the Drama

We all know people in our lives that inherently attract drama to themselves. Negative things always seem to happen to them, and they almost always have something or someone to complain about. It’s draining just watching things unfold for them. I do believe at some level these people crave drama and the attention it brings their way. They seem to be as uncomfortable without the drama in their lives, that some of us are with the drama in our lives. I used to have a friend that always seemed to have chaos surround her life. She was always fighting some sort of illness, she had turmoil in her relationships, and she never seemed to get ahead in her professional life. It was extremely unfortunate, because she was very talented in other areas of her life, but she never allowed herself to fully express this talent. All the drama overshadowed the positive she had to offer. There are several reasons why I wanted to focus on this topic this week. The first is for you to determine if you surround yourself by these individuals, and the next is to determine whether you are one of these individuals that thrive on drama. Neither one of these scenarios is healthy and it might be a good time for you to explore your surroundings and the people you allow into your life. Just so you know, I am no longer friends with this individual, because the relationship was far too taxing. The relationship did not enrich my life in any way, and all I seemed to do was give and give to an empty well. There are times to cut the tie and move on, because eventually the energy that you take on from these people will affect you negatively. This week try to take a step back and look at the people in your life as well as whether or not you are a drama magnet.
1. Distance yourself
     If there are people in your life that tend to attract drama, you might want to keep your distance. Whether it’s a colleague at work that constantly gossips, or a friend that always has relationship woes, just try keeping your distance. You have a choice whether to play into the drama or walk away. I guarantee you will feel much better by not getting involved.
2. Are you a drama magnet
     What if you are the one that thrives on drama? Do you feel as though everything seems to go wrong in your life? Do you enjoy the attention you receive when you are complaining or disgruntled? It’s really important that you notice the symptoms so that you can work on improving the situation. Maybe you need to take baby steps first in order to feel ok with the calmness. Maybe the first step is to stop complaining to anyone that will listen. Maybe another step would be to focus on the positives in your life. Do whatever you can to move forward and put the drama behind you.
3. Enjoy a drama free life
      Now that you have distanced yourself from drama magnets and/or begun to improve your own life, it’s time to enjoy a life of joy and peace. You will feel remarkably better when you remove the drama and the situations that involve chaos. Just be ok with the discomfort at first if you are uncomfortable. Know that it will get easier with time, just be patient with the process
Have a great week!