Stop Trying, Take Action!

How many times in your life did you “try” to do something without the deep rooted belief to succeed? If you “try” to lose weight you aren’t completely invested because you leave the door open to fail. You tell yourself “I’ll try, but…”, that doesn’t instill the most amount of confidence in yourself or your ability to follow through. Saying you are going to “try” to save money is not the same as creating a plan to save money. What if I asked you to “try” to pick up a pen on your desk? What would you do? Well, of course you would pick up the pen and think to yourself what the big deal is. Therefore you would have failed the task because you did pick up the pen, you didn’t “try” to pick up the pen. Do you see the difference?

People that succeed have a “just do it” attitude. They would rather give it 100% and possibly fail, than not give it their all and know that they weren’t living up to their fullest potential. How would your life change if you took risks and weren’t as concerned with the outcome? How would you feel about yourself knowing that you tried and were willing to face some fears in the process? Fully living your life without the safety net of having an “out” makes you feel more alive. Give yourself a chance to succeed and see what happens.


1. List past behavior
Where in your life have you “tried” to make some changes without giving it your all? Make a list of everything and anything, from work related to more personal. Do you see a pattern? You need to detail situations from the past so that you can make changes for the future.

2. What fears arise?
Looking at this list, what fears come to the surface? Why haven’t you given it your all in certain situations? Maybe you are afraid to succeed? Maybe you just don’t have the tools to move forward? Maybe you need some accountability to follow through? Detail what comes to mind for you.

3. Prioritize
Of this master list, what changes are you committed to giving it your all? Which ones do you feel a strong connection to? Prioritize this list from the most important to the least important. Pick one to focus on and detail a plan to succeed this time around.

Have a great week!