Take One Day at a Time

The month of May is crazy for me. My kids will get out of school for the summer, there are numerous parties and celebrations, and I am flying to Los Angeles for a quick week-end. That only skims the surface of what the next couple of weeks looks like, and it would be very easy to get consumed with stress. Oh, and did I mention I have signed up with some girlfriends to do a triathalon in August? Did I mention I have never done a triathalon, nor do I know how to swim more than one lap? Wish me luck! The meaning of all of this is to slow down and take one day at a time. Looking toward and planning for the future is good, but keeping your feet firmly planted on what you can do NOW is important. If I realistically thought about everything I needed to accomplish in the next couple of months, I would probably freeze up and stay awake at night. That would not benefit me in the least, nor would it help me get enough sleep to wake up early and start learning to swim some laps. I always help my clients break the larger overwhelming tasks into bite size manageable steps. It not only takes away the daunting feeling, but it creates steps that seem do-able and approachable. They then see the results and it naturally motivates them to keep going. If you have a lot on your plate right now, try to break it down into daily accomplishments.


1. Jot it down
Take some time to write down everything that needs to be done in the next couple of months. This relates to professional as well as personal tasks. You need a master list, not only to get it off your mind, but to look at and break it down. You will feel much lighter when you have your master list, it won’t take up space in your mind. There will be something you can look at and remind yourself where you are and what needs to be accomplished.

2. Daily chores
What can you do daily to move you toward your goals? Let me give you an example. You need to save $1000 in the next couple of months to pay off a debt. Instead of stressing over the larger picture, take it day by day. Today I won’t buy the $6 latte, and I will pack a lunch instead of spending $15 for lunch. That is do-able. You just put $21 toward your goal.

3. Focus on the day
Again, if I thought about everything I needed to accomplish in the next couple of months, I’d overwhelm myself. I simply don’t allow myself to go there. I know everything will get done, because it always does, so I focus on what is most important NOW. What is going on tomorrow that I need to prepare for? What can I do now that will prepare me for the end of the week? I’ll get to everything else as it gets closer to those deadlines, but for now I need to focus my energy on the here and now

Have a great week!