Take Time to Smell the Flowers

I had a great holiday with my family filled with relaxation, movies, sledding and baking cookies. We had plans to spend New Year’s with some family friends and their kids, but my daughter got sick the day before. We decided to just relax and enjoy the evening at home. We gave her some Tylenol, let her rest, put her to bed early, and within two days she was feeling much better. Most parents take it for granted that most illnesses are minor and within a short amount of time our children are back to normal. Most of you who have been receiving my tips remember me talking about my friend whose 6 year old daughter has terminal cancer. She is the same age as my daughter, so it is very close to home and to my heart. This is more than likely the last Christmas they will have as a family. The fact that I was able to give my daughter Tylenol and she is completel y healthy is not something my friend is able to do. It hit me pretty hard this week. The sadness this family is going through is something I cannot even imagine. I know they are enjoying every moment, every celebration, every memory they can with their daughter. I thought this was important to write about so that even a shed of positive can come from this situation. If each of you reading this right now can shift your perspective to one of enjoying the blessings in your life and focusing on the gratitude you feel, that would be something positive. It is so easy to get caught up in life’s insignificant details, that you lose track with what really matters. My friend and her family do not have a choice-they are living in the moment because they have a limited amount of time. Nobody can look through a crystal ball and know with 100% accuracy what their future is going to look like. Because of this it is so important to cherish your life now in the present. As the New Year beg ins, please take some time to focus on your blessings and all the good you have around you.
1. What really matters?
     At the end of a day what really matters? That you have a sparkling clean house? That you have a gourmet meal on the table? That you lost another pound? If you had a limited amount of time with your loved ones, I am going to assume that those things are fairly insignificant. What matters most is the relationships you have in your life. What matters most are the memories you are creating. Forgo a clean home one week in order to do something memorable with your kids or your friends. I guarantee it will have a larger long term impact on your emotional and physical well being.
2. Focus on your blessings
     This week I want you to take a bit of time and really focus on all the blessings in your life. What are you genuinely grateful for? Healthy and happy children? A warm and comfortable home? Good friends? A job you love? Take the time to feel the gratitude and then share it with those you care for. Expressing gratitude is a huge shout out to the universe to bring you more!
3. Smell the roses
     I have an acquaintance who literally has her cell phone attached to her ear 15 hours a day. She has three amazing daughters who have to fight for her attention. She is missing so many opportunities to engage in her life and create memories that will be gone in a flash of an eye. Before you are forced to create these memories, like my friend with the daughter who is sick, be consciously awake in your life. Stop whatever you are doing and really live your life. Smell the roses~ You do not want to get to the end of your experience here in this lifetime and wish you had done things differently. By then it will be too late. Start now and enjoy the ride!
Have a great week!