Treat Others How You Want to Be Treated

Growing up you were told over and over how important it was to treat others how you wanted to be treated. Your parents implanted this belief hoping it would guide you in your young life. I use the same motto with my own children, hoping I am teaching by example as well.  Why then as adults do we lose track of this simple motto? You might critique colleagues behind their back. You may talk down to your spouse or significant other. You might belittle a good friend because you are jealous of their good fortune. Whatever the reason or circumstance, you don’t necessarily treat those in your life with the respect that you would like to receive. Why is that? Does the rule apply to everyone else in the world but not you? If you want your spouse to show more love and affection toward you, then why not begin showing the same affection first. If you want the respect and admiration of your coworkers, why not shower them with appreciation and gratitude. Why not get back to the basics and embrace some of the lessons you learned as a child.
1. Expectations
    How do you expect others to treat you? What is important to you above all else? Do you want to be heard? Do you want people to speak to you with kind words? List your top 5 expectations.
2. Honor the list
    Look at this list and ask yourself if you treat others with the same standards. If you expect to be heard, how genuinely do you listen when others are speaking. You can’t expect others to treat you in a manner that you don’t treat them. Begin honoring this list this week.
3. Enjoy the results
    Be aware of the differences you are creating. Are others reacting more positively when you treat them in a certain manner? Commit to treating those in your life with the kindness you expect from them.
Have a great week!