Trust Your Gut

I feel blessed in that my intuition is extremely intact, it is a guiding force in my life that has always guided me in the right direction. I am not sure how old I was when I knew that my gut feelings were always worth following. I simply never hesitated or doubted them, and somehow things worked out for me. I knew that these feelings were an assett, and that they could be extremely helpful in making life decisions. I have worked with many clients that were not as tuned in to their intuitive hunches, and they always seemed to be swimming upstream. One client in particular was in a less than enthusiastic relationship, and she was desperately seeking guidance in whether to stay or go separate ways. She was receiving many signals that it was time to move on, but because she was in fear mode she was unable to accept them. She was miserable day in and day out, she suspected infidelity, she was mistreated, but she still was still making up excuses why she should stay. She simply refused to listen to her inner guidance system. After a couple of sessions of me clarifying to her exactly what she already knew, she realized it was time to take the next step. She knew it wouldn’t be easy, but the existence she was living was was killing her spirit, and she was willing to take the risk. Because she felt supported by me and she knew it was in her best interest, she was able to have an open discussion with her boyfriend that she had put off for years. Because she was so good at ignoring her gut feelings and making excuses for them, she was continuing her downward spiral. Once I helped her get in touch with her intuition and recognize it was there to support her best interests, she was able to tap into it more regularly. Don’t ignore those feelings that are meant to support you and help you make decisions that are for your own good.
1. Learn from the past
     Take some time to review your past. When in your past did you listen to your gut feelings? Did listening to your gut feelings validate what you were supposed to do? Are there also times that you wish you had followed your first instinct? Did you learn the hard way, that had you tapped into your gut feelings, you might have saved yourself time and heartache? Use this week to learn from the past and change future behaviors.
2. Current struggles
     What are you currently struggling with in your life? Are you looking outside yourself for the answers and validation? Write down the questions and answers you are seeking? Some examples could be whether you should stay at your current career or seek out something else. Possibly you are stuck in whether you should stay in a relationship or move on. Writing your questions out is the first step in finding the answers.
3. Keep an intuition journal
     You may or may not think this is a bit out there. You have absolutely nothing to lose by starting an intuition journal, but you have everything to gain. You may find a deeper clarity that you did not see prior to writing experiences down. Write down every gut feeling, every hunch, and every positive and supportive statement that plays in your head. This journal will help validate whatever it is you are seeking, but you have to be open to what you receive.
Have a great week!