Use Intuition As a Guide

We are all born with our intuition intact, it guides us from a very early age. You could sense when someone was bad or good, or you sometimes knew when something was going to happen. Over the years however, as disappointments add up and life seems less innocent, we lose touch with our ability to let intuition be a guide and ally. Your intuition, or gut feelings, are always available for you to tap into, it is just a matter of trusting what you know and feel will guide you in the right direction. How many times did you have a strong feeling about a project at work and it turned out exactly how you predicted? Have you ever met someone and knew immediately whether to pursue the relationship or not? These are both examples of your intuition giving you the heads up while trying to guide you forward. You can listen to the voice of fear in your head or trust the voice that always supports your best interest. Your intuition will always steer you in the right direction, it is non-judgmental and loving. My life is a perfect example of following my gut, from the college I attended to meeting my husband. I have learned over the years that by trusting and tapping into this feeling, I will always do what I am meant to do, it has never steered me in the wrong direction. Use this tool as an ally, something to make your life easier and less complicated.


1. Look at your past
When in your past did you listen to your intuition? When did you regret NOT listening to your intuition? What did you accomplish by listening to your gut? What can you learn from the past. Create a list of all the major highlights in your life that come to mind associated with your intuition. Make a list of all the situations that you wish you had followed your gut.

2. Be aware
This week be aware and fully conscious of your gut feelings. From work to family to relationships, be aware of your feelings both negative and positive. Make it a point to write down what you feel when presented with a new project or you make a new acquaintance. Simply be more awake this week!

3. Fear vs intuition
When making decisions this week, decide if your decision is based from fear or intuition. Fear is more judgmental, desperate, and run by doubt. Intuition is less negative, supportive and calming. This week focus on making decisions based on how you truly feel, not necessarily what your fear wants you to do. Your fear makes you doubt yourself and your abilities; put this aside and believe in yourself.

Have a great week!