Which Voice Grabs Your Attention

Going through a typical day what does the predominant voice in your head sound like? Is it mostly positive encouraging words like “good job” or self defeating negative dialogue like “I can’t believe you did that?”?  Sometimes we hear these words so often that we become immune to their impact on our daily lives. It is truly amazing how profoundly these words can affect all of the decisions you make in your life. Are you guided by self imposing thoughts or uplifting supportive thoughts? You first need to become aware of the dialogue that consumes your thoughts and then you can choose to replace how you talk to yourself on a daily basis. It is sad to me that we wouldn’t dream of being so critical of our friends and family, but when it comes to criticizing yourself or your abilities you wouldn’t think twice. Why is that? Why do we hold ourselves to such low standards? We will critique our physical appearance, our personality traits, our social skills and so much more. How would it feel to be your own biggest cheerleader and support structure? Wouldn’t it be empowering to rely on yourself to keep your spirits up? Instead of knocking yourself down daily, which solely breaks down the core of who you are, make a commitment to lift yourself up and live your fullest potential. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain. 


1. Track your thoughts
     For one or two days this week, keep a record of how many times your negative voice goes off in your head. Keep a pad of paper with you and mark down everytime you criticize yourself or others. You might be surprised how often this voice grabs your attention every day.

2. Replace these thoughts
     Now that you are aware how much energy you expend sending negative energy out there, it is time to replace this with positive dialogue. It is true that likes attract likes, so when you focus on the negative that is exactly what you are attracting into your life. Create a positive statement or affirmation to say to yourself everytime that negative voice pops up.

3. Awareness
    Just the act of being more aware will start to change how you see and talk to yourself. Keep this in your awareness this week and continue being more “present” with how you treat yourself and others.

Have a great week!