Your Face Says It All

I was having a particularly difficult day the other day. My seven year old was a bit out of sorts, so it naturally affected my mood as well. Things were back to normal when my four year old walked up to me and asked why I had “that look” on my face. Both of my kids are very aware of other people’s emotions, so my mood was obviously very transparent. I thought I had moved on from the situation, to be reminded from my little one that I was still carrying it around. Have you ever been about your day when someone asked what was wrong? They assumed by the look on your face that you were upset about something. Did you feel a twinge of guilt that you were walking around that way? We all get consumed with our daily to-do lists and stresses, all while the stressors are making their way to our facial expressions and energy we give off. After my daughter pointed out my expression, I was able to re-focus and move on to better things. Sometimes it is just being aware of what is on your mind and being mindful of the energy you exude. It is amazing how different you can feel by changing your facial expression. Even if you have a lot on your mind, the simple act of smiling can boost your spirits. If you are engrossed in everything you have to accomplish, take a step back and force yourself to laugh or smile. This week try to be mindful of your facial expressions. If you look in the mirror and see the look of stress, worry, or disgust, try to think of something more positive and uplifting. Or, just ask your four year old to remind you when you have “that look”!

1. Be aware

     Just thinking about the energy you put off will help you improve it. You can either ask a friend to be your mirror, or have a physical reminder to ‘check in’ every now and then. Maybe wear a special ring as a reminder. Maybe put a rubber band around your wrist. Put a sticky note on your computer or a note in your car. Just be aware this week.
2. Snap out of it
     I know this sounds easier than it is, but it can be fairly simple if you allow it. When you feel a frown on your face, do something to lift your mood. Take a time out. Look at a picture of your children. Put on some happy music. Engage in some physical activity. The act of motion will pull you out of the rut.
3. Put things in perspective
     Just as my seven year old was causing me to grow instant gray hair, in the big scheme of things it was no big deal. When you are stressing about something, there is always someone that would trade shoes with you. Always! Try taking a step back and gaining some perspective; most of the time it is fairly insignificant. Keep this in mind this week. It will help you move on and not dwell
Have a great week!