You’ll Never Know Until You Try

We have all had experiences in our lives where we told ourselves “you’ll never know until you try”. This little voice pushes us to explore and engage in life rather than hold back. Whether it be trying a new food, or flying for the first time, or traveling to a new land, this motto will teach you that through experience you will learn about yourself and the world you live in. Even if the outcome is not what you hoped, you are still better off from the experience. How often did you reluctantly try something and realize you loved it? How many times did you tell yourself “if I never would have tried that we never would have met”? Or, “if I didn’t take that risk I never would have known how much I loved to …”? We are much more likely to regret the things we didn’t try than regret the things we did. Life is far too short to live by what ifs. Why not give yourself the opportunity to try the little things first and then progress to the larger things? Try with a new food. Sign up for that salsa class. Ask that co-worker out for coffee. How open are you to discovering through doing? By getting engaged in your life, you will experience your life in a much more colorful way. This week commit to doing one thing that you’ve had an urge to do.
1.  Make a list
     What in your life would you regret not trying if your life ended? What have you had an urge to do? Make a list of everything that comes to mind, both large and small. You need to begin with the brainstorming stage before taking the leap. Just free write and see what you come up with.
2. Divide the list
     Looking at this list, divide it up into timescales that you can achieve them by. Next to each activity write either *less than 3 months, *less than 6 months, *a year out. You are categorizing when you realistically think you can conquer this task by. If you have always wanted to fly, it might take a bit longer than trying an exotic food.
3. Create the steps necessary
     Now that you have your list of things you want to explore under three months, begin creating the steps necessary to achieve them. If you want to try a new food, sign up for a pottery class, have coffee with a co-worker, and get a drastic haircut, now is the time to begin acting upon it. Buy the necessary ingredients to create a meal, research when the next pottery class begins, put a date in the calendar for your coffee, and call your hairdresser. Act now and notice the results in your life.

Have a great week!